Many thanks to our clients!

Organizing & Design Testimonials

"I never laughed so hard in my life. I knew this was going to be hard work but I never thought it was going to be so much fun. Thank you!"
Gwen M., Nashua NH

“Feel free to use the before and after photos...I think most anyone would have the same reaction (my friends) did: total amazement. I’ve been fooling myself thinking I can do this on my own -- I need you! :)"
Barbara S, Melrose, MA

"I had a crumbling, dirty, dusty field stone basement. I hired Spotted Salamander because the space was being wasted and although I had good intentions to organize and clean it, I never got around to it. Felicia brought a lot of good ideas to the project and worked really fast - the project took much less time than it would have taken if I'd had to do it in- between taking care of my family. I was very happy with the results -- a space that used to be wasted is now in constant use by everyone in my family. The kids work on messy projects, my older son lifts weights down there, and I have extended my pantry."
Paula R, Acton MA

"I have felt such a terrible sense of shame about that basement for so long, and now it’s just...gone. I can’t believe it!"
Teri M, Maynard MA

One of Felicia's best talents is the conversation and planning stage to really understand what the client wants. She has organized my clothing closet with a handsome set of pegs (with lovely polished stone ends) because I HATE hanging up clothes on hangers. She has demonstrated time and time again to this partly colorblind client, that a wider palette into the reds and oranges is a good thing, and built an amazing bookcase out of rustic boards to emulate my love of Santa Fe style. All of this and more came to be as a result of Felicia's listening and designing skills, complemented by her artistic sensibilities."
David R Stow MA

"Silk purse from a sow’s ear! I always thought I was pretty good at this stuff, but I never would have come up with this plan. It looks just beautiful - I can’t thank you enough."
Gwen M, Nashua, NH

I love my new bedroom design, thank you! All of the little touches that you incorporated make the room feel both polished and personal at the same time. You took my scattered, vague description and created a design that everyone has said seems so uniquely "me" (even when I wasn't sure what that meant myself)! I was so impressed with the way you worked with the odd space configuration, my current furniture and my limited budget and yet still managed to give me exactly what I wanted. You've transformed the ugliest room in the house into the peaceful, beautiful sanctuary that I dreamed of- you are a magic worker, thank you!"
Jane C Maynard MA

"I hated that kitchen but did not think anything could be done with so little money. You sure proved me wrong! It’s great and we didn’t break the bank. It’s so nice to have a good kitchen, I can’t believe the difference it makes. It changes how I feel about the whole house."
 M.J. , Vermont

"Over the years I have acquired items that I really like to have in my living space. Felicia has that creative touch that took what I already had, and with some added color and rearrangement of my living room gave it a wonderful new look and feel. I highly recommend a consultation with Spotted Salamander to anyone!"
Lois T, Maynard MA

Staging Testimonials

"I have long-regarded Felicia as one of the secret weapons of my success in getting my listings sold. From major staging projects to smaller design consults, her skills transform listings into homes that offer broad appeal and a bit of wow! My clients have benefited from her expertise time and time again, and when it was time to sell my own home I took my own advice and hired Felicia to get the house ready for marketing madness! It was a great investment – six days after the first showing the house was under agreement, the sale pending sign was up, and the nail-biting days of having the house shown were over!"
Lauren Tetreault, Realtor

"Staging really makes a difference. I use the Arlington house all the time when trying to get them to stage -- it went on the market unstaged in July, was staged in late November and sold after the first (post-staging) open- house on Dec. 8th. This really works!"
Gail Walton, Realtor

My house went up for sale as the real estate market was tanking and Felicia was my best weapon. There was a lot of competition so we had to differentiate it from similar homes. Felicia told me what I had to do to prep the house for the market. Having a concrete list of things to do made the process less overwhelming and more manageable. For the finishing touches Felicia came in with furniture, art, and decorations that put it over the top. She helped me turn my house from ho-hum to spectacular at a cost that didn't break my budget. Hiring Felicia to stage my house was truly one of the best investments I have ever made, and it paid off well - my house sold in 4 days."
Christie W, Maynard, MA

Some of our finest moments:

39 Crawford, Arlington.
On the market unstaged for almost 6 months.
Staged in late November, sold after the first post-staging open house on Dec. 8th.
Realtor: Gail Walton

Brooks St, Maynard
On the market unstaged for over 5 months.
Seller changed Realtors. Staged in November, sold in 8 weeks in challenging deep-winter market.
Realtor: Lauren Tetreault

23 Brooks, Maynard.
Staged before going on the market, multiple offers after the first open house.
Sold for over the asking price.
On the market 6 days.
Realtor who hired Spotted Salamander for staging: Lauren Tetreault

Maple Court, Maynard
Staged before going on the market, sold after the first open house.
On the market 4 days.
Realtor: Lauren Tetreault

Marion Rd, Acton
Staged before going on the market, sold quickly and closed in 8 weeks.
Realtor: Gail Walton

7 Maple St, Maynard
Staged before going on the market.
Multiple offers after the first open house.
Sold for over the asking price. On the market 6 days.
Realtor: Lauren Tetreault