I started organizing and decluttering in the late 80’s.    The profession was relatively new at that time and it was exciting to be a part of it’s formative years.   I saw right away that newly cleared spaces often need redesigning  either to look good or to take advantage of new possibilities, so adding design to my brief was a logical next step.  In this way my company’s twin disciplines of organizing and design were born.

When I tell people that I’m an designer and organizer, the first thing they say is  “So you must be super-organized, right?”.  The fact is that I am naturally organized -- I admit to getting a ridiculous amount of pleasure out of a neat linen closet -- but that is a very small part of what it takes to do what I do.   For an organizer, experience, training, and empathy are all critical factors.   I have been helping people streamline their lives and declutter their spaces since I was in college,  when I set up a hanging-bicycle system in my tiny dorm room that was replicated all over my building and beyond .   (The local hardware store was amazed -- they’d never had such a run on hanging-plant poles in their life. )    It was my first taste of success in organizing other people, and their excitement and appreciation was incredibly rewarding.    Regularly attending training sessions and doing research expands my “tool chest” and helps me work effectively with clients who came to me from very different places.    Patience has come with that experience, along with a greater respect for the factors that make being organized such a struggle for so many people.   I have also learned how to listen to the spoken and unspoken concerns of my clients, and to tease out both their challenges and strengths.

In addition to earning a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, I have studied in France and traveled in Europe and Asia... all wonderful, fascinating experiences that broadened my horizons and developed my aesthetic vision.   Wandering through old European towns and Japanese temples, peering into windows and soaking up museums in cultures so unlike ours stretched my concept of beauty and introduced me to new ideas of balance, harmony and serenity in widely varied spaces.  Further study has deepened my understanding of these design concepts and enhanced my ability to apply them in my work. 

I have been organizing, decluttering, designing and redesigning homes for over 20 years.   I am excited by every chance I get to make a space welcoming, functional and beautiful.